Ethernet ENC28 Module - how to get started

Hello everyone

I’ve been playing around with my hydra mainboard and I want to finally get started with the network connection. I have the Ethernet ENC28 Module and I’ve seen on the documentation page ( that one should not connect the module in the surface designer. Everything fine so far.

But is there a tutorial out there or any help on how to get started. I want to connect my hydra to my home network and communicate with my notebook on the same network etc. That as a starting point.

Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


I am not sure how up to date this example, but have you seen this:

Thanks for your quick reply. I’ve added that code to my application but I reach the else part …

I’ve been searching for a nice tutorial on how to set this up but I have found nothing. Isn’t there something out there?

Are you using Gadgeteer project or plain NETMF?

this project contains a sample (CIFS_Test/Program.cs) which initializes ENC28 for G120 in an plain NETMF project:
You might need to change the pin numbers to your environment.

I am using a Gadgeteer project.

But I’ve managed to do it now. After several tries it finally works :slight_smile: However, I have no idea why it did not work before.

Anyway, the Gadget now has an IP address. :slight_smile:

My next step would be to enable communication with my notebook on the same network and/or calling rest webservices. My final goal will be to use Rest calls (POST/GET) in order to send data to a rest service and receive data from a rest service. For the first step I have implemented a small application with a Rest Api including a small webserver on my notebook. I would like to send data to that application from my gadget (and receive data on my gadget with GET calls).

I have found multiple projects on the web that use network communication but as you guys have more experience maybe you can recommend a really good tutorial or anything like that that is good as a starting point?

Thanks a lot for the really great support. Questions are always answered really fast! :slight_smile:

Cheers, stanbe