Ethernet enabled firmware on Cerberus becomes unresponsive to MFDeploy ping / Windows won't recognize


I tried a few times to get the Ethernet enabled version working on a cerberus, the non-ethernet version worked fine on the cerbuino, the non ethernet version also works on the cerberus.

When I try the ethernet enabled version it goes as far as echoing ‘CHK’ on the MFDeploy text wndow - then it drops off USB. Windows then refuses to recognize it, so consequently MFDeploy can’t see it (or visual studio etc).

Did you use the firmware that was released after SDK release?

Just downloaded it tonight.
Firmware.hex is 8/24/2014 12:18PM 1,649 KB for the ethernet one.

Where did you plug in the Ethernet ENC28 module?

I didnt - is that the problem? Will the Cerberus go into a panic if it doesn’t see the enc28 that would prevent windows from seeing it?

As soon as I updated the Ethernet firmware the Cerberus and it became unresponsive - fell off us bus. Succesive repower, reboots it would not connect. I could jumper bootload pins and reflash tinyboot. Eventually I went with non-Ethernet which, following the same process, worked flawlessly…

It will not work. Ethernet firmware requires ethernet module.

That wasn’t true in the previous version, has something changed?

What is not true? The Ethernet module has always been necessary to be present to complete the boot process. With out it connected, the system is waiting for a response from the module.

Providing, of course, that it is the Ethernet version of the firmware.

That’s not true at all. I have a Cerb40 sitting on my desk right now, running the Ethernet firmware, that only rarely has an Ethernet module connected. How would you explain that?

Remember, we’re talking Cerberus here, not Hydra.

It is more than likely a coincidence. The Cerb-Family Ethernet firmware is not supported without the ENC28 module connected to the system.

Same applies to hydra.