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Ethernet connector



I want create a new hardware with the FEZ Cobra Mainboard, but I have one problem.

I will create a box to house the equipment and I want put this board inside. On top of this box I will create one panel and place many buttons and connectors.

The ethernet connectors goes in this panel. I intend to use a connector with IP 69 protection like this:

My question is: the FEZ Cobra Mainboard have a magnectic RJ 45 connector. If I want put the ip 69 ethernet connector on the panel I will need create a small cord to connect the ethernet connector in the panel on the ethernet connector in the FEZ Cobra Mainboard.

This is a problem because may occours many bad connectors problems after fill times (for contact oxidation).

The only solution I can see is not using the FEZ Cobra Mainboard, only the EMX Module and build a board with a connector without magnetic integrated.

But is a little bit complicated build this board. I don’t want do this.

Have one way to create a rock solid extension to connect the FEZ ethernet to connector on top of the panel?

Thank you


I use these panel mount cables in the stepper controllers I build: (my website.) They work well when you are working with a PCB that has the RJ45 built in but you need to mount the board in such a way as to not expose built in RJ45 to the exterior.