Ethernet cable reboot

I’ve an strange problem. Mi device is working OK, but if I connect Ethernet cable while my Fez Cobra is running, system reboots.

Any idea about why is this happening?

How do you power your board? maybe power consumption is slightly increased and you just went over the edge.

I’m using Fez Cobra + FEZ Cobra OEM Box (3.5" Display), Which is the recommended specifications for the power supply?

What i have learned from my EMX-Dev board is that power consumption can go over 500mA when LCD is enabled. 500 mA is the limit of an USB port. An external power supply is recommended in most cases. A regulated DC adapter of 1000 mA 6 volt will do the job.

Are there any way to know what voltage is being supplied to my Fez Cobra? Maybe so I’ll be able to know if my device is reseting by a power issue…

Normally this is done by measuring using a multimeter. A device for measuring voltage and current.

although typically you’ll find that a reboot like this is caused by a short-lived “brown out” where the voltage drops enough to reset the device and then returns to “normal”. Those are sometimes hard to track on a normal multimeter, one with a min/max capture help. Wasn’t there a thread that discussed the last reboot reason a few weeks ago?