Essentail Studio Enterprise Edition from SyncFusion for free

Check this out guys:

You get a completely free license for the complete Enterprise edition, very cool!


Anyone have experience with this stuff? My previous (professional) experiences with “components”, from Infragistics to Telerik to WeOnlyDo to Cute has been, well, let’s be generous and say “massively disappointing”.

I’ve used DevExpress winforms stuff in the past, saves gazillion hours of time to develop a LOB app. When finally MS got the underlaying platforms mature EF, SQLCE, ClickOnce, AppServices it didn’t matter anymore, the shift was to Win8, native got a push, .NET was more marginalized, JS got a push, and ios/android happened so desktop became a niche. Now in the wake of Cloud, there’s only ASP.NET MVC which can run anywhere and finally has decent membership/identity implementations. So long story short im not surprised some of the stuff or all of it is free. Its logical give it free to small teams cause otherwise they will use free open source stuff.

I’m a Telerik user and have been for about six years. I use it on Phone, WinRT, WinForms, ASP.Net and MVC. I haven’t used their Reporting or CMS tools.

There are some challenges, but for me they offer the greatest functionality with the most straightforward usage.

I am currently using Syncfusion’s Essential Studio at my “day job” in WinForms and WPF apps. It works very well and keeps us focused on writing our app and not controls.

When we have issues, I report them and usually with 2 weeks we have a patch fix for our specific issue which is rolled into the next official release.

So, I have to give them 2 thumbs up!

@ munderhill - do you know if it does do embedded projects ?

@ PiWi - I didn’t see anything related to embedded when I perused their suite yesterday, and frankly, I’d be shocked if a component vendor invested in the embedded space. It’s a tiny niche compared to web and desktop, and even that niche doesn’t always include much by way of UI.

Could be very useful for desktop or web components of an overall solution, though.

No, it does not support embedded projects.

@ devhammer, @ munderhill - then I’ll stick with VisualGDB unless someone points to a better integrated tool for VS to do embedded stuff !!

@ Jason - How was your experience with VisualGDB, any change to try it already ?

Has anyone used Qt for UI with embedded? NashMicro is having a presentation on that topic tonight. If you happen to be in the Nashville, TN area please come join us.

Oh this is interesting …

I’m an old time user of C1 (ComponentOne Studio) … but I’d like to evaluate something different…

No Chance yet. Too much other dev happening I’m afraid. I still intend to when I get a spare day…

I’ll keep you posted.

@ Jason - OK, Thx.

Oh yeah, components, what was I thinking, must have been late … So no compilers at least not at that low level. I’ve got the infragistics ultimate suite, saves a lot on dev time for that money, can’t beat it …

No, it does not do embedded projects :slight_smile: Therefore off-topic. But I thought it is a very good deal - for free. The Syncfusion components are very good. I used them for WinRT and Phone. And the Xamarin components are included as well. The license does not expire.

I think I will take a close look at the web-components. Maybe something good there for IoT. Like charts and stuff.