Esc 2011

Hey guys, I’m really surprised that you guys aren’t involved in the Embedded Systems Conference! I have been going to this conference for years (usually East but this year West) and I always come home with new ideas for embedded designs. I think it would really bring your products to a new level to get the kind of exposure available to you. Think about it!

more Spam?

No not spam. This is real community member.

And a good conference

No spam! I work with embedded systems every day and can see the potential of the .netmf and particalurly the value GHI adds to the platform. There are not that many professional engineers aware of the commercial design potential and therefore the platform needs more exposure.

Sorry. Sounded like “sales-speak” and the name bluestream-tech appears to be “burned”:
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Feel free to delete the thread.

Thanks of the valuable feedback blue stream. GHI is expanding to a new location so going anywhere is not an option now.