Error while uploading bootloader on the Cerberus Bee


It is a very long time i have played with me Cerberus Bee.
Today i thought lets use it for a small project i’m doing.
So i wanted to update the firmware and bootloader.

While downloading the bootloader i get the following :

Error. Detailed situation:
Operation:                   4
ErrorCode:                   1234500A
Percent:                     0
dwTag:                       0000002B
szDevLink:                   \\?\usb#vid_0483&pid_df11#305233673531#{3fe809ab-fb91-4cb5-a643-69670d52366e}
wTransferSize:               2048
LastDFUStatus.bStatus:       11
LastDFUStatus.bState:        10
LastDFUStatus.iString:       0
LastDFUStatus.bwPollTimeout: 0
CurrentRequest:              10000000
CurrentNBlock:               0
CurrentLength:               5
CurrentAddress:              08000000
CurrentImageElement:         0

What is going on, what do i wrong?


@ nielsnl - never seen errors like that before! Where do you see them?

enter “1234500A” into the search feature above. this issue has been discussed before.

Thanks Mike,

to pointing to the right direction. After some researching again.
With the error message i found that Aron did give a working solution

To the documentation team: would you mind adding this to the
for future people with the same issue. Also would you mind adding bullets for the steps to uploaded the bootloader correctly. i missed some steps while reading.

Thanks now i like to see of i can do my task :smiley: