Error running default 4.3 Gadgeteer project

Just trying to get a basic gadgeteer project going but i get an error

Assembly: Gadgeteer ( needs assembly ‘Microsoft.SPOT.Net’ (

I have checked the assembly versions and they are correct as required above? Any suggestion?

In your other posts you talk about FEZ Panda. You didn’t respond to my reply. Are you sure you need gadgeteer?

And to fix your problem, update your firmware. Start by opening FEZ config.

Have you updated the firmware on your device?

@ Gus - Sorry…i have the Fez Cobra 2

If your firmware is up to date then you must have installed the wing version of gadgeteer.

Uninstall gadgeteer, netmf and everything from GHI then go back top the support page and follow the steps please.

“wing version” == “wrong version”

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@ Rajesh - lol thanks

going to uninstall mf and gadgeteer and see what happens

Any help?

Create TS.

Loading start at a0e6938c, end a0e98820

Assembly: mscorlib ( Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Native ( Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Security.PKCS11 (4.3
.1.0) Assembly: System.Security ( Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware (
Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Graphics ( Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.TinyCore (
Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.IO ( Assembly: System.IO ( Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.Usb (
Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.SerialPort ( Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Touch (
Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Ink ( Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.PWM (
Loading Deployment Assemblies.

Attaching deployed file.

Assembly: Gadgeteer ( Attaching deployed file.

Assembly: GHI.Hardware ( ***********************************************************************

  •                                                                 *
  • ERROR!!! Firmware version does not match managed code version!!! *

  •                                                                 *
  •                                                                 *
  • Invalid native checksum: GHI.Hardware 0xEB638545!=0x2D2534EF *

  •                                                                 *


Link failure: some assembly references cannot be resolved!!

Assembly: Gadgeteer ( needs assembly ‘Microsoft.SPOT.Net’ (

Error: a3000000

Waiting for debug commands…

The program ‘[2] Micro Framework application: Managed’ has exited with code 0 (0x0).

got it working…had to update the firmware to the version on my computer instead of the latest version. Thanks Guys