Error connecting to Visual Studio

My BrainPad is rav 1.2.
I’m having trouble connecting it to my computer.
Within the Visual Studio, the error below is given.
An error has occurred: please check your hardware.
please guide me . Should I press a special button

Please start here and give us more info so we can help

I do not have a bootloader button in my model.
You do not have version 1.2 for launching and programming with C #

This is my model

Like that page indicates, that old BrainPad uses G30. You should simply follow the G30 instructions and load its TinyCLR firmware.

I highly recommend you switch the latest BrainPad. You will recieve a much better support and experience.

Please give me the link I should follow.
Please tell your connection method.
What keys should I use to enable Visual Studio?

The link is on that page, to point you to G30