Error: a3000000 during debugging to Fez Spider

Im using Fez Spider and Im trying to build pulse oximeter.Im installing " NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2014 R1".Im using Visual Studio 2010 on windows 7.But when i was debugging program to Fez Spider i saw this messages in the output screen:

Found debugger!

Create TS.

Loading start at a0e00000, end a0e1383c

Assembly: mscorlib (
Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Native (
Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Security.PKCS11 (4.2
Assembly: System.Security ( Loading Deployment Assemblies.


Link failure: some assembly references cannot be resolved!!

Assembly: Microsoft.SPOT.Security.PKCS11 ( needs assembly ‘Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware’ (

Assembly: System.Security ( needs assembly ‘Microsoft.SPOT.Security.PKCS11’ (

Error: a3000000

Waiting for debug commands…

The program ‘[2] Micro Framework application: Managed’ has exited with code 0 (0x0).

And also I saw this message in error screen:please check your hardware.

Can someone help me? How i can solve this? and Im sorry for my broken English.

Thank you.

@ kmrn - welcome to the forum!

this message means that the firmware version on the spider does not match the version of the installed SDK.

Update the firmware on the Spider from the installed SDK.

@ Mike - Thank you for your answer.
Which steps should i folllow for updating?

@ andre.m - Hi.i connected Fez spider to my computer with Uc_Battery_4xAA’s usb that make any problem for updating? i followed this way:Ghi config>Advanced>Fez Spider>update

but that said :make sure there is one device like picture

The message means that only one GHIO device is allowed to be connected and that it must be booted in boot loader mode.
For Spider you have to set the switches according to
and press reset.

@ andre.m - no i dont use batteries, i only use usb input for connecting my fez spider to computer.i cant solve the problems yet.

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - thank you.but now its also gave that

This is the message you get when Updater can not find a proper serial port.
Open the Device manager and try to get an entry as in the screenshot by booting in loader mode.
Normally the loader mode switches needs to be set to normal within 3 seconds after reset. Never had a Spider, so not sure if it’s the same there.