Epaper with color

Look what I have found on @Joel_Rileyb desk… I unplugged the display to make sure he is not cheating!


These E-Ink displays are pretty cool. The one in the picture has been disconnected for four days and the image still persists. Viewing angle is as wide as a piece of paper.

Not able to do shading, like for smoothing of text. Each pixel is either white, black or red with no intermediate values. Also very slow to refresh (like 10 seconds), but very low power too (as you can see!).

This display is Waveshare 2.13inch e-Paper HAT (B). There can be a big difference between different models, so the driver code probably won’t work with very many of their other E-Paper displays.

Code is in Sample repo on GitHub (here). It still needs some work, but rest of repo needs work too!


I have one that was put on the shelf over 1 year and still has the same image on it.

I gave up on them as I didn’t have any projects that only need data updates every so often. They are good for things like meeting room displays on the doors where you can update via WiFi or other links.