Hey, Im looking for Enum.Parse() and it dosent show up, am I missing a using or something? I have Enum but nothing else with it

I want to enum each of the musical notes sothat I can hear every single one

You can implement it. I don’t think it is there in NETMF

As always, excuse my variables. I misspelt notes, making nuts. and then a singular nut. this assumes the file is filled with something like “a,b,c,g,h,e,d,a,b,c,g,h,f,e,a”

StreamReader sr = new StreamReader("\\USB\\Hello.txt");
            string her = sr.ReadToEnd();
            string[] nuts = her.Split(',');
var melody = new Tunes.Melody();
            foreach (string nut in nuts)
                switch (nut)
                    case "a":
                        melody.Add(Tunes.Tone.C4, 200);
                    case "b" :
                        melody.Add(Tunes.Tone.D4, 200);
                    case "c":
                        melody.Add(Tunes.Tone.E4, 200);
                    case "d":
                        melody.Add(Tunes.Tone.F4, 200);
                    case "e":
                        melody.Add(Tunes.Tone.A4, 200);
                    case "f":
                        melody.Add(Tunes.Tone.B4, 200);
                    case "g":
                        melody.Add(Tunes.Tone.C5, 200);
                    case "h":
                        melody.Add(Tunes.Tone.Rest, 200);

I think the string->Enum / Enum->string conversion is not part of NETMF.

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - This isn’t a piece of code that does Enum-ming but just replaces the enum. Im working on something that can read through a “sheet music” and play it back easily.

@ MRTFEREN - I would use constants for those switch cases, since you’re going to be doing that alot. Technically I would use ints not string.

@ Mr. John Smith - that’s actually very smart, as I don’t know my keyboard abcdefgh’s very well :smiley: