I am looking for Spider and Cobra II enclosures. Almost everything that I find can not be put on the wall/table in living room.
But this is a nice enclosure. (http://www.alu-boxes.com/moulded-plastic-enclosures/112-plastic-enclosure-for-7-display.html)
To bad it is to small for all the modules that I have.

I also find Elegant | English but I am sure we can do better than this.

JB-55 Plastic Instrument Case for Desktop is acceptable, but not in white color.

You can design your own case… I made one for my CerbuinoBee with a Gas Sensor:


Nice looking enclosure rzander.

Indeed. Are there any mounting points for the Bee on the inside? A couple of pictures would be great. I could see whipping up several flavors of covers with the same base. Are you willing to share the design files?

@ ransomhall - Did you try downloading the model from his link?

Duh… didn’t scroll down that far :slight_smile:

This was my first case, so it’s not perfect :wink: … But it’s very simple to make one: just design it with e.g. Sketchup (http://www.sketchup.com/), eport it as .dae file und upload it to shapeways.com

How much did it cost you to print that enclosure?

Interesting materials they have there:

Printing and Shipping (to Switzerland) was 34Euro (without customs taxes). The Material I used was “White Strong & Flexible Plastic”. The Material has a rough surface and the led light shines through the material if the walls are not to thick. This Material requires a wall thickness from >= 0.7mm. My Model has walls with 1.3mm which seems to be a good value (specially if you make round corners), but on large surfaces I would recommend to make some additional bracings (is this the right word in english ?). But the Material itself is very robust.

Find another one:

I also figure it out, that problem with JB-55 Plastic Instrument Case for Desktop is that CP7 is to big for this enclosure.

@ rzander: Can you share your sketcup files. I never worked with sketchup, and some example would help me a lot.

Bopla do some nice enclosures if you are looking for off the shelf options.

I use the following one and then get the front panels made by www.Schaeffer-ag.de or www.frontpanelexpress.com (only down side is that FPE can’t do the press in studs or bushes which are great for mounting PCB’s without screws showing on the front panel itself)

The attached image is a rendering of a typical case. The lower cover makes it easy access to terminals.

@ Dave McLaughlin - Whaoo, Really nice enclosure !

@ Makla: I’ve uploaded the Sketchup File to: http://roger.zander.ch/CerbBeeCase.zip (it’s not exactly the one on Shapeways, I don’t have the original anymore :slight_smile:

Thanks. I just need a starting point.