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Enclosures are in stock


We have the enclosures in stock and FEZ Cobra starter kit back in stock too. This makes FEZ Cobra complete on the website, with the exception of the 7" display which is coming next week we hope.

We are now switching gears to finalize the Rhino…very exciting 8)


Wow, two boards in like 4 weeks. You guys are flying! IS the 7" display enclosure going to be like the regular 3.5 and 4.3"?


Cool! Might order one with the shipment of the rhino. Wanted to have a enclosure for the cobra, but it was out of stock before :frowning:


sigh. Now what to buy ! I know I want a Cobra (home automation project, but a while off being “production” and fixed to the wall) but there’s a few other things that I have thought Fez would be cool to use on (incl a bank of thermocouples for my home coffee roasting, a remote display unit for the Cobra). And then I’ll need a “test and development” environment won’t I… Rhino, Cobra, one, two, oooh the decisions… (great problem to have ;))


Hey another coffee roaster in the group! I’m still using hot air poppers to roast my beans…


lol poppers. I’ve never done poppers, but have done heat gun and progressed to BBQ drum :slight_smile: And then I bought a 5kg commercial roaster from ebay :slight_smile: :smiley:


You have a strange hobby :smiley:


Can I shove a battery pack & wireless card into this to make it completly wireless?


I can’t see why you can’t


Yeah, there should be enough room for a wireless card and battery, but you might need to be a little creative.


The wireless card is small anyway, the battery might be a little tricky… Just be creative :wink: