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Enclosure and prototype board


I have a FEZ Cobra Development system and now want to add a custom board to it.
Can I get an enclosure without cutouts in the top?

Can I obtain layout files for the prototyping board (preferably Eagle) with the right outline, connector, and mounting holes? Not that big a deal, but one less thing that can go wrong …

Many thanks,


Yes and Yes. Please email/phone GHI directly.


The enclosure is actually available from polycase directly…


Hmm, I convinced one of my clients(employers?) to look at the Cobra OEM kit as a starting point for one of their mobile projects.

They now bought an oem kit, and I want to design/build an add-on board that fits inside the case that contains all the battery management circuits(external 12V to 5V 4A stepdown + Li-po charger + 3.6V to 5V 1A boost + battery fuel guage) and their custom requirements.

So I also need the design files for the prototype board. I assume it fits in the case while plugged into the Cobra?

Must I contact GHI for those? Why is the design files for the Cobra available, but not for the prototype board(which contains nothing and is only useful for sizing…)?



You can always contact GHI directly for your needs.


Hi Gus,

Do I use the email that is marked as “Email is not monitored by our engineering or support staff.”?

Thank you,


Yes, it is not monitored but then the email is forwarded to the right people if the email is coming from a commercial customer :slight_smile: