ENC28 Mislabeled in the Gadgeteer Designer

FYI - ENC28 is improperly mislabeled “Premium” in the toolbox.

Actually it is both. The ENC28 is also used with the G120. Is that what you were saying?

I’m saying it should only say “Premium” if it only works with premium boards as is the case with the J11D module.

However…after trying to drag the module onto the designer and digging into the product description I see that there actually isn’t a GHI driver for this module. So, my new suggestion is to remove it from the toolbox completely until a driver is included in the SDK. :frowning: This is the first time I’ve tried to use this module since I bought it a long time ago. My assumption was that it was there.

Actually, I think I may have bigger problems… It seems that since I did a clean install of Win8 last weekend that I no longer have anything in the toolbox for 4.1. I remember someone else had that problem a while back. Gotta go dig…


That would explain my attempt to use 4.1… Now to go figure out mIP :slight_smile: