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have an old EMX development system here and want to update so I can use it with VS2012 and SDK 4.2.

What can I keep and what should be loaded?
Can I use FEZConfig?

Last useage of that board 7/2011.

Thanks for helping

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… not very successful.

Using FEZConfig: Can connect, can Ping, but update doesnt work out, get errors at the display of the EMX development board and an error on PC.

Try to add Images and screen shots.

I use an external power supply 6V/2A, cause there is a popup telling me to do so, if there were issues, and there are issues, of course.

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Tiny booter is old, try legacy updaters and start with tinybooter first.

… not that easy.

I followed the instructions, but I didn’t get a COM port …
Without that I can’t do anything.

Display Shows:

TinyBooter Mode
Debug USB1, is this the USB nest to the Network socket, connector X3?

Attached a shot of the device mamager.

Maybe this board is too old and has to go to scrap.

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Hold up, center and down buttons down while you reset the board. You should not see anything on the display and see the port on the pc

… I do this last hour some times, but doesnt work out.

Ok, maybe a button is defective? Will check.

So when I do that, the Display should be totally empty, ok.

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Sometimes you need 3 hands to do this. Press the 3 buttons and while continuing to hold the buttons down rest the board.


I want to be smart and used a small piece of plastic (dummy SD card of my laptop protecting the unused slot), but this was not so smart as I think.
After doing it by hand, it works out.

So my EMX development board is up to date.


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By the way, how can I mark this as answer posting?

Select check mark like I just did on your last reply. Only one can be selected and you can’t select your own reply as the answer.

… ok.

Next problem.

After preparing the EMX I just load an old project (Led blinking) and port it to V2012. After updating all the references, it turns out, that all the namespaces are different now.

Any document to see how the pins were accessed/configured now?


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Then you want the GHI 4.2 stuff, https://www.ghielectronics.com/downloads/man/Library_Documentation_v4.2/Premium/Index.html

I don’t think there such a document, but it shouldn’t be hard to figure out. Can you please show the code and what line give you the problem?

… ok, found a sample and could do the changes, now it compiles.

But, mscorlib is of 4.1. I deleted the reference and try to add mscorlib 4.2, but … doesn’t work out. It tries always v4.1, for what reason ever.

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Besides removing and replacing references, did you set your target framework to be 4.2? Do that first, then rip and replace all references, then you should be fine. But if it’s blink-a-LED project, just start a new one and copy over the code…

… thanks, totally forgot that, what a fool I am!!!


… here is a sample for wrong references:


And it would be somehow useful to nate which assemblies should be referenced.

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@ Gerhard - Thanks for pointing to the out-dated example. Based on your comments and some others (brett, andre.m), we’re going to develop a standard header (as comments) that will appear at the top of any new example (and eventually) all the complete examples. Example code fragments, may or may not get the new standardized header. That will depend on context and the code. Sorry for the trouble this has caused for you.