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EMX support for 5-wire touchscreen



We are looking at incorporating the EMX board into our product but were wondering if it can support a 5-wire touchscreen rather than the 4-wire used on the development board. If so how does one go about modifying the driver to support the 5-wire?




You can add your own means for reading touch and then feeding that to your code. 5wire or capacitive, it wouldn’t matter.


Thanks for the reply Gus.

We can certainly find a spare gpio pin and repurpose the existing 4-wire pins for the 5-wire interface. But that still leaves the question about the sw driver. I can certainly write a driver to interface to the GPIO and A:D to get the position information but I have two questions due to my newness with the .net microframework. First how do I feed the position data into the higher level touch driver? I have found TouchCollectorConfiguration.SetTouchInput but am not sure if this is the correct method or not. If so will gestures continue to be supported? The second question is how do I prevent the GHI driver from running as I don’t want it to interfere with my driver and think it is talking with a 4-wire device nor do I want it to take any CPU time.



If you are using our new glide (search forum) then it is very easy. If you are using WPF then it is not is not straight forward.

Once you have a system and are able to read touch and ready to feed data in then come back here and we will find a way to make it happen. By then it will be NETMF 4.2 and things maybe different.


Hi Gus,

I want to do the same as Ian. I am currently at the point I want to feed the data in. So could you explain how to do this. (I am using Glide)

Thanks in advance!


I have requested an example to be added to glide showing how this is done.It should be up in few days.