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EMX Module - Current draw in hibernate mode


From the EMX module datasheet, the current draw of the module in the hibernate mode is 40mA, is that accurate? what is the test condition? I suppose this should be much lower.


SDRAM is alive and refreshing while CPU is asleep. There maybe things that can be done to tweak this further but it will not be down to 1mA for example.


Thanks. Gus. So how much current draw do we expect after the power optimization? That is for 3.3V or 5V? My application is battery powered, so I need to know power consumption more specific before I order the module, which is a very nice module.


Nothing that can be guranteed but you should get few less mA if you access the processor directly and start turning off some of the peripherals you do not need.

Power saving is very much application specific and so this will have to be done by the end developer who know what is needed and what is not needed in his application. There are other options too like running the system at a slower clock but currently this is not supported.