I have a question about the EMX LED Speed. When does the state of the output change? Is it always on or only when there is a connection?


All pins are defaulted to inputs will pull up resistors until your code runs.


I am specifically talking about the LED_SPEED and LED_LINK/ACT lines. J14 and J13. I realize that all the IO are setup that way.


Oh! the Ethernet PHY LEDs. I am not about those

Is there anyway you can find our for me? It’s not urgent, just wondering what the functionality should be.


Those are Ethernet activity LEDs, you can easily find out by plugging in an Ethernet cable and observing what happens

From the name, you can easily guess the functionality LED_SPEED and LED_LINK/ACT

Thanks Gus,

I know what they are, I’m asking you guys how they are implemented. Because on a normal Ethernet port where you have those LED’s, one is for link/Activity status and the other is for speed. On a normal Ethernet port, the speed is only displayed when an Ethernet connection is made. However, on your boards the LED Speed is always on, that is why I asked how yours was implemented.


Ethernet speed indicator led turns off when the port (the port at the switch or the router) is 10Mbps and it is on when it is 100Mbps. and since most ethernet ports nowadays are 100/1000Mbps then this LED will be always on.