EMX How to use COM1 and USB CDC at the same time

Just fyi, in our next internal meeting, we will discuss a way to disable debugging all together!

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@ andre.m - and then what happens if a customer is using that pin? :slight_smile: This requires a lot of thinking.

Interesting… I think the pin should be user defined to provide the better flexibility.

@ Gus, many thanks for your interest in this feature, and I can imagine the work it involve in your side. That’s why a lot of parameters have to be taken in consideration and particularly what about board where debug has been disable but that need to receive an application update. Does the board would be seen by FEZ config tool?

@ Gus - At the same time bring up disabling LCD :wink:

I had our electronic engineers redesigning the custom PCB 3 times before we got most things running just because LCD is on by default. (signals disturbing components connected to these pin before the init procedure is executed)

We use a workaround now sacrificing 1 IO to control the surrounding electronics, but cost cold be saved if this could be flashed :slight_smile:

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@ David@ Emrol - LCD pins are not n by default if you set the LCD config. They will be on for the first time you run the board but after that they will not be on.

We can default them to off but this will make it confusing for new users. We will think about this some more.