EMX grilled, how to fix?


Mishandling during my EMX has blown. Since I do not have the circuit diagram. There would not it be a regulator to change the circuit or component to another that it re-runs?

Thanks you

I don’t think there is a regulator on the EMX, it works directly on 3V3 AFAIK.

This is the third EMX that become out of order after few days of experiments. May be something is wrong on our platform and to investigate we need to know what 's wrong on the EMX module itself.

We did observe that something went wrong when the 3.3V regulator became very very hot. We stopped the platform and discovered a short cut between 3.3V and GND. Going on our investigation we realised that this was coming from the EMX module that was in short cut. I don’t want to reverse engineer the module but would like to know first what is the cause of such failure, and secondly how to repair it.

Comparing the resistor values of IC12, we observe differences on it. Could it be related with our short cut? What is IC12?


Time for a call to GHI directly I’d say.

My english spoken is quite poor :slight_smile: I afraid to be not abble to speak easily. I would prefer by email… I will try to contact them by email right now.

EMX only need 3.3V, GND to run. You will need to start disconnecting things in your design and review them all to see what is damaging your EMX modules. If you have motors and relays then make sure you have proper protection diodes and better use optical isolation.

We are driven the relays with an uln2004AD (darlington + clamp diode) .Therefore we have assumed that adding an other diode on relay was not necessary.