EMX Compatible GPS devices


I would like to know about GPS devices that has been tested to work with EMX board using serial communication and what type of external HW is required (if any).


Hello Liran and welcome to our community.

And GPS module with UART interface should work fine with EMX. But for easier prototyping I suggest that you take a look at FEZ Spider mainboard that uses EMX module.

I am suggesting that system because we offer a wide range of plug and play modules that works with this board include GPS:

The Seed GPS module has been recalled. No word yet on when they’ll make it right for folks who bought one?

@ Liran - As Joe said, almost all GPS units support serial communication (UART). I have this https://www.adafruit.com/products/746 one and it works well, if you’re design does not need an external antenna. There are also several NETMF libraries to parse the NMEA string data.