EMX boards do not start deployed application

We have recently ordered a batch of 15 new EMX modules, and 3 of them are failing to load our deployed application. I am not seeing any errors from MFDeploy (see attachments). We have two versions of our application which target NETMF v. 4.1 and v. 4.3 (GHI SDK 2013 R3). The issue is there regardless of the version we use. (When switching from NETMF 4.1 to 4.3, the TinyBooter, the TinyCLR and the ported application are all updated in that order.)

Have you seen this issue before? Do you know what prevents the 3 boards from running the deployed application? When testing the EMX modules prior to shipping, do you deploy a test application?

Thank you in advance.

MFDeploy and FEZConfig.

EMX does not have a 4.3 version at this time. I assume you really mean 4.2 like your picture shows.

Can you deploy any other app to these devices, and do they then start correctly? I would be looking at the EMX module’s boot/loader pins to make sure they have no solder bridges/misalignment

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GHI Support,

I need your help with the issue I describe below where some of our EMX boards do not boot the deployed application. As I indicated this issue affects 3 of 15 new boards we recently purchased. As far as I can tell, the boot pins are Up (IO4), Down (IO0), Select (IO30) and LMODE (IO71). I need to know whether to pull each pin up or down so we can verify our boards.

Thank you in advance.

Do the Up (IO4), Down (IO0) and Select (IO30) on the EMX need to be pulled up with a resistor?