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I wonder if someone had already tried to implement an XML-RPC server / client.

Thank you.


That would be interesting to have. IT shouldn’t be difficult since we have XML support built in already


Sorry, I’m looking for a few weeks how to implement the XML-RPC protocol, but I find nothing that fits my problem.

Do you have any ideas?


What is the problem that you are trying to solve?


I would like to implement on the emx kit development a server / client using the XML-RPC protocol.


Have you look at the xmlrpcnet:


I already download the library except that it doesn’t work on an EMX application.


You have to port it for micro framework.


In the library, there are two “dll” :


when I try to bring the dll “CookComputing.XmlRpcV2.dll” visual studio 2010 does not take into account.
which must be worn on the Micro Framework?


“xmlrpc” project produces CookComputing.XmlRpcV2.dll class library for regular .NET framework

“xmlrpcCF” is for Compact .Net framework (CookComputing.XmlRpcCF.dll)

you need to adopt the source code and do a"xmlrpcMF" project for Micro .Net framework. Add all the source code from xmlrpc into a new project for mf class library. Compile and resolve the errors until you have a successful build. Not an easy task, but doable.


After multiple testing, I still can’t adapt the source code project MF. I am missing some namespace such as:

  • RegularExpressions
  • Generic
  • Emit
  • Security
  • Serialization …

Have you a solution?


MicroFramework is limited and some of the assemblies are just not there.
You have to “code” your way around it. Leave only what is absolutely needed and implement missing functionality using assemblies that are available on MF.