EMX and WiFi module

What is the suggest way to connect RS9110-N-11-21-01 WiFi module up the EMX module.


We will provide an aswer very soon.

Thanks Joe,

I hoping the very soon is sooner then later, Boss is on my back to get this project going.
I am assuming that this module will be used in SPI mode, if so, does pin 3 (Slave to Master Interrupt line) will be used?


Here is a link to the schematic of WiFi RS21 Module:


On EMX software side, the GPIOs and the SPI bus you choose on the hardware should be reflected on the code side.

We are working with RedPine Signals on releasing a module integration guide that includes important notes concerning the layout like ground plating and antenna location. This document is very important to get the maximum reliability from the wifi module.

Thanks for your help Joe.

Would it be possible to get a peak at those important notes?

I sent you an email with the document.

Any chance i can that that doc too? (Redpine integration guide)
I looked for it but didn’t find anywhere obvious.
I’m trying to bringup/ debug a custom board i did with the EMX and Redpine modules, so i’d like to sanity check that in case there’s a layout issue.