EMX and COM4 Remapping pins?

I need to use SerialPort COM4 on EMX board. Do i need to remap the pins as is done in FEZ Mini board? Can i use same method (RemapCOM4to_TXAn2_RXAn3(SerialPort ser)) as presented on Broc_FEZ_mini.pdf brochure?

Thanks advance

Why do you need to remap? You already have 4 COM ports exposed on EMX.

EMX uses a different processor so the code for FEZ Mini may or may not work but you shouldn’t need it.


Thank you for the answer. We have custom made board where we have XBee module connected (via COM4 pins) and i did not get it to communicate (we have also COM1,COM2 and COM3 which are working well). It is good to know that there is no need to do any remapping. Now i know to find the reason from other place (hardware or Xbee module etc.).

Thank You

Yes you can remap one or more COM ports. You will need to see how we do it on litle FEZ boards then modify the code to fit the EMX processor, LPC2478


You were right. I did not need remapping. COM4 works fine but the failure was in connector on custom board.