EMW3165 - Cortex-M4 based WiFi SoC


Another new device that peaks my interest. I wonder if it can run a stand alone web server. That’s all I really need right now. Something to run as a web server to communicate between the client and the CAN network.


The thing’s got enough flash and ram to run NETMF. It’s an STM32F411 with 512k of flash and 128k of RAM (plus, apparently, additional external flash). It’s got more power than USBizi did. I think a webserver will not be much of a problem.

Does anyone know the free Flash/RAM on this ? the 512/128 maybe the totals and the free capacity will be much lower and not enough for NETMF, but never know.

@ Rajesh - until you load something, all the flash and ram are available.

So then, this thing could possibly run NETMF. If only it had an SD card interface instead of that SPI flash.

If you see the manual, there is a 2 Mbyte SPI Flash memory inside the module, maybe it can help.

Some more info can be found here Dropbox - Error

or here https://github.com/MXCHIP/MICO

the used pins in netmf for USB (PA11=USB-DM and PA12=USB-DP, and I grounded the PB2) are not directly reachable, so I think there needs some changes to be done before netmf will be able to get on the device but yes runnable on a 411 it is.

I’ve got at least two devices, one with the 411CE and one with the 411RE and they are all running Netmf just fine.

Well they loaded the firmware onto the thing somehow. Seems like its going to have to be a try it and see type project.

Assuming the U13 is the 411, but it looks strange though … or those netmf fw sources for the 411 could be adjusted to match the other board …

But since I didn’t find a place where to order the seeed ones … can’t hardly tell …

Edit: the U13 is the EMW-3165 module …

Found out the pin assignment for PB2=2, PA11=35 and PA12=27 so maybe, but just maybe the binaries I have will at least run but without the wifi of course. The NetMf sources have to be changed to accommodate for the HW.

See here for more info → [url]http://www.mikrocontroller.net/attachment/262188/emw3165.pdf[/url]

That’s true. Does modifying the firmware break the FCC certification? We’d need to know exactly how that WIFI chip is controlled.

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I’m actually not sure this is spam. I thought it was at first, and then I saw that Peter posted that same link, and when you go to the link, it is now password protected and the github link Peter posted has been deleted, so it looks like something is up with the links and ulsonic just didn’t waste any extra characters trying to explain what he/she actually wanted.

I think the one word “password” plus the emoji was supposed to translate to :“Peter, thanks for the links, but I tried them and they aren’t working. One is password protected and the other is gone. Do you have any updated links?”.

Ulsonic : help us help you. This isn’t twitter.

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@ andre.m - never seen that link before, but I think it may become a favorite of mine

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Anything left for me to comment on ?

@ andre.m - Yeah, saw that too, if you open any of the files from the zip a pwd is needed. Don’t know what the writer intended with it, maybe the following link to the product site of the seeed collegues has some more about the SOC, that’s were it came from I assume.

Hope it helps for those interrested in this … [url]http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/EMW3165-CortexM4-based-WiFi-SoC-Module-p-2488.html[/url]

@ Gus, I hope you don’t mind refering here to an external not GHI SOC … with not even netmf on it … :think:

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