Empty Toolbox in 4.1 - no modules or boards

I have a similar problem to Marwyn.

I purchased a Spider and RS21. As I want to use the RS21 I understand that I need the 4.1 drivers.

I installed VS 2010 Express on a new PC, then, per the instructions, the micro-framework 4.2, then GHI NETMF 4.2 & Gadgeteer package then the 4.1 GHI MF & G
I used the links on the site and followed them in order.
When I create a mf4.1 project there were no boards or modules in the toolbox.

I removed everything, rebooted, reinstalled (in careful order) and rebooted again.
Now in 4.1 I see the Seeed modules (still no Spider or other premium modules)

When I create a 4.2 project everything is there (Boards, modules &c.) and I can drag, connect and see them in the code fine.

When I explore the file system, under the 4.2 framework folder, when I look at the modules, I see both 4.2 and 4.1 sub-folders for some of the devices. These device folders seem absent when I explore the 4.1 framework.

The big question is “What do I need to do to get the RS21 working with my Spider?” (Should I create a 4.2 project? Can I specify which drivers are used? The 4.2-4.1 explanation is a little unclear to me).
Do I need to look for some folders and config file settings to see what I have? (and can I change things to get the resources that I need in the right framework version?)

Many Thanks

Welcome Steve

Sounds a bit odd…
One of the chaps will no doubt answer your question shortly :slight_smile:
On another note just read your profile about your experimental aircraft…do tell :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick note of welcome. I built a kit aircraft with my son over a few years and am now in the process of test flying it. Gives a different perspective on bugs and crashes :wink: It is a two seater that cruises at about 140mph. I have posted a flight on y-tube. Lookup the tail number N146MP and you will see the video (it does not work on mobile devices though).

I have been designing the avionics in the winters. I dislike the tapes of modern EFIS and prefer analogue guages as they give a far better situational representation when scanning (safer flying as more brainpower can be devoted to flying and watching the environment). I developed some OLED apps that represent a traditional analogue instrument array in solid state. Next project was to reduce workload - a GPS maintained a list of closest airports so that a touch screen could be used to select one and automatically tune the radio to the tower freqs. It would also provide information to help the approach (distance, bearing &c. to relay to the controller, runways and weather if a data link is available).
I want to migrate as much of this functionality as possible to the Spider as it is so small and low powered. My idea is that it can relay GPS and sensor data over UDP to multiple devices in the plane and forward UDP commands to the radio. This will allow me to use a selection of tablet and smart embedded devices to provide input and output to the avionics.

Very cool project and no not TMI

Classic sound track - i remember it well from my misspent youth :smiley:

Where is that taken?

Have done something kind of similar but much less cool - using .net micro flying a 1.6m wing span UAV

That is impressive; to replace the organic computer with the NETMF. Maybe we can collaborate on an autopilot? Just as soon as I can “see” a board in my IDE :wink:

It was taken at Waukegan, 40 miles N of Chicago, close to the lake.

@ SteveUKman - surprised no one has piped up with suggestions on your delema…
More than happy to work with you.
One of the many plans is q G120 based AP
Ping me an email Justin dot Wilson at eprint dot net

Impressive stuff and a nice looking plane too.


I can reproduce your empty toolbox (slight variant). See post Pete Brown’s ‘Updated MIDI Module driver (now for 4.2)’

Sorry no answer but clearly you’re not alone.


I have the empty toolbox in 4.1 as well.
No GHI existing in that part of the .NET world
I wouldn’t mind so much if there was a driver for Wifi_RS21 in 4.2 though…

4.1 was removed in last SDK. We are trying to concentrate on 4.2 and 4.3

… which just means you HAVE to install the “Optional” 4.1 SDK component to ensure you get the objects turning up when you create a 4.1 project.

Hi Brett
What do you mean? I tried in re-install/repair 4.1 and windows wouldn’t let me
So I have no way of using the wifi if there is no 4.1 at all and no 4.2 driver?

Andy, if you have installed the SDK, you will be able to uninstall it; if you have a problem doing this, then the issue is not in the SDKs but a PC one. Are you sure you have administrative rights?

You should uninstall the GHI SDK first. Then uninstall the NETMF SDK. Make sure Visual Studio/C# Express is not running. Then reinstall them in the exact order prescribed http://www.ghielectronics.com/support/dotnet-micro-framework and make sure you install item 4, the one marked “optional”, that has 4.1 support.

There is no gadgeteer module support for 4.1 anymore.

I understand you now… I knew I could revert to the 4.1 collection
Just thought you had a sneaky way of doing it!