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EMF Noise



Can someone tell me if the FEZ boards are very sensitive to EMF Noise? (I know arduino is)



Depends. How much are we talking?


I have no means of measuring this. But I can tell you this:

When i started with the arduino, all my cabling to and from sensors was done with Cat6 cable. It was like the arduino was running it’s own life, firing triggers at random. Then I replaced all cables with shielded 3 wire cable (used for alarm systems), and the arduino started to act normaly.

These false triggers happen for example when i turn on the light in the garage, which is also the location of the arduino. Yesterday I added a relay to check the status of my thermostat, which is wired with cat6, and boom, false triggers are there again.

Hopefully pretty soon I’ll be replacing the arduino with a FEZ Panda.



how long is your cable? have you got any pull up/down resistors on it? Do you have the other wire in the pair connected to ground?

long lengths of any sort of wire are basically antennas, this is why shielding fixes your problem, because the shield takes the received signal straight to ground. Having the line pulled up or down would help too as would connecting the other wire in the twisted pair connected to ground.


I will note that the Arduno is basically an ATmega 328, it’s not like it’s any more sensitive than any other chip.