Embedded world 2012

It would’ve, but Gus let slip that big things were afoot, and I started finishing the basement :slight_smile:

@ godefroi - expanding your basement laboratory? I would be psyched to see any version of the Ant come to life, even if it was only a very small prototype run.

It is nice hardware, but the Gadgeteer competition kept me busy…

I’m itching to get porting again, but now work and life is in the way… :frowning:

@ ransomhall - lol, no, the basement is for the kids so I can have my upstairs room back for an office :slight_smile:

@ godefroi

Good thinking…it’s harder for the noise to travel upstairs than down. I’ve occasionally considered putting my office in the basement, but there are two major problems:
[ol]No direct sunlight
Listening to the stomping feet of my boys all day[/ol]
So for now, the basement will remain the woodworking shop…then I get to be the one making the noise. :slight_smile:

Arrrrghh … nothing yet!

@ mhectorgato - you’ve been around here long enough to know when Gus says weeks, it really means months. Sales guys always do that :smiley:

Ooooooooooooooo! You will be in trouble when Gus reads that Ransom. :naughty:

We’re still in the “or 2” range :wink:

We will delay another week as a punishment. Lol

So when I say it is done it means it is off my desk. Now add couple weeks for website and manuals and 2 more for production. I was hoping this will be the valentine gift to the community but the SDK release for hydra may delay this another week. We will know in few days.

That much I know … I just was being (overly) optimistic

You’re right … how long ago was it that the Cerberus was named? Seems like months and months.

Except you said to check the catalog in 1 or 2 weeks

I understand delays happen – doesn’t mean that I have to like it :smiley:

Oh guys come on :frowning: Cerberus was done months ago. You just couldn’t buy it. Soon you will, plus 4 more FEZes.

This is exciting. We will have over 10 FEZes!

Any chance any of these new FEZs will have 8 hardware PWMs?

I think they all do!

:dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

I like being a troublemaker :stuck_out_tongue: The sarcasm comes from having a boss at my day job that like to ask “is it done yet” twenty times a day just to fire me up… I don’t think he even knows what “it” is sometimes.

[edit] he (boss-man) really is a great guy - we have the same sense of humor.

I appreciate GHI taking all the time they need, regardless of our (frequent) whining.

You have no idea how many times I got yelled at for saying too much! Thank you guys for being excited about the new toys.

I ask that too :smiley:

@ ianlee - I don’t understand the significance of the 8 PWMs…?