Email notification doesn't work


FYI, I’ve checked the “Notify me when a reply is posted” box in many messages, the last one being the one about search results ordering, and nothing was sent when a reply has been posted. Not even in spam/junk folder.

This is correct. I have noticed this too.

c’mon you guys, you have to hang out here every day and see what’s going on ! We have the great “show unread” feature, and you know you just have to go through each post. That’s how the community gets bigger and better. (I’m being totally serious there!)

I see email notifications like an interrupt, why use something complex like that when a poll loop works just as well. And who needss another interrupt !

This is exactly the same debate as polling vs events (interrupts) :wink: You can poll at specified intervals by looking at all the unread messages or be warned that a specific one got an answer…

To me, email notification is very useful.

Btw, it seems that it’s a feature already present in this forum, so there shouldn’t be too much work to make it work. Maybe it’s only a problem with smtp config ?

At a certain level, even interrupts are nothing more than polling loops :wink:

Indeed. But, if I have the choice, I prefer that “someone else” polls instead of me :wink:

Right now, as the forum is not growing too fast, I can still manage the polling myself. So it’s not a high priority task, don’t worry.

This is a feature that is already implemented and i know it worked at one point…Our Josh would know better and will respond when he gets to looking into it

“Notify me when a reply is posted.” will now dispatch an email when a reply is posted.

good job Josh! thanks! :wink:

You almost only have to ask… and it’s done :wink:

Thank you very much. Again.