Email Issues?

I haven’t gotten a notice from any of my watched threads in over a week.

Email address hasn’t changed, nothing showing up from TinyCLR in spam folder…?

I do receive them. At least got from one insider thread recently.

I still don’t get any notifications. :frowning:

I haven’t gotten any notification since the change over to the new website.

This thread was for old forum. New one probably still in the work.

Wow it looks like its about a week old.

Yes we are still working on it :slight_smile:

I also didn’t receive any notifications…



@ Josh - billy no mates :smiley:

Hey just wanted to let you know I got your emails…BAZINGA

Thanks guys.

I also don’t receive emails from watched topics

BAZINGA means I didn’t actually get the emails :wink:


I received twice and there were 4 adressees.