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Electronics Equipment Deal Of The Day!


What??? :smiley:

Add to your cart and it drops down to $15.00

I ordered one and will go to the store to pick it up soon. My guess it is for US customers only?


Hate to tell you this, Hai, but I have that same organizer, I bought it for like $10 at Sears. They’re super cheap there for some reason.


Nice, you got even better deal, I was worry about the quality, I hope you satisfy with the quality? I about to go pick it up now, if it is not good I will return it.

Will see.


Quality is great. I love mine. Not a single problem with it at all.


sigh. $45 for a 20 drawer unit here in aus.

Sooner i can move to Canada… sooner i can start saving a heap of money :frowning: