Education/training kit

A Friday announcement? I have three sponsors now. Hoping to get everything ordered next week.

Your wish is my command.


That is a really nice kit!!

Fantastic! Thanks!

Thats a great kit. To complement it we need some cool training material. I think most of the Microsoft document is too complex or to messy. Some of the starter guides and first project guides are maybe not really good for this kit?

A dedicated education section will also degrade your image as a cool and professional supplier of serious solutions for several industries.

Whats your plans on this?

The plans are somewhat secret for now but we completely agree with you.

The kit currently shows as “pre order”. How soon will they be shipping? I have my five sponsors and will be placing an order as soon as I get all the money collected. :smiley:

couple weeks

Uh, oh… I hope that’s not a software developer’s “couple weeks”. I need them before Aug 6th.

we can actually ship it today. All these modules are complete and with complete software as you already know.

What we are working on is documentation, which you really do not need since you are one of the experts here :slight_smile:

That’s what I was hoping you would say :slight_smile: Yea, I don’t care about the docs. I’ve got my own for that. You should get an order by the end of the week.

I’m trying to place an order for the 5 kits but it will not let me add a quantity to pre-order items and pay for it. I’d like to get the order placed today if possible and have you just ship the hardware.

confirmed, we are fixing this now.

You can now add to cart.

Ordered. Thanks!