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Editing CAM Files


I’ve got a buddy with a 40W laser whose offered to cut a PCB stencil for me. I’m trying to get a file ready to send to him and I’ve spent the past couple hours looking for a way to edit the CAM files that Eagle produces and get that into Inkscape (not necessarily in that order). The .stc file that Eagle produces includes some areas such as corner holes that I do not want included in the stencil. Does anyone have a process for doing this?


Never fails… as soon as I posted this I realized that I didn’t really need to try and edit the CAM files I’d had my board made from. Instead I just needed to create a new CAM file based only on the tCream layer…


Turn off all layers except tCream then “run dxf” in command bar


Thanks! Nice to know.

EDIT: Maybe I spoke too soon… When I try to import the DXF file that Eagle creates into Inkscape it doesn’t work. Looks like it’s embedding a link to a Python file. Have you run into this?


@ ianlee74 - never had an issue with them…
i can import them into autocad, coreldraw, illustrator etc without any problems…


Hmmm… I’m having to use Eagle 6.1.0 due to another problem with Eagle. I wonder if that could be the problem. Maybe it was fixed in a later release.


I’m using 6.1…