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Eblock relay turn on/off on reset



when powering on the panda the relay turns on and off for a second

How can i avoid this issue?


pullup or pulldown resistors, to pull the IO line to the appropriate direction that you want.


plz explain


May be this can help


thanks now i understand about pull down/up resistor…

but how do i use one with an eblock relay


How do you connect your relay block right now? Do you use 3-pin E-Block Component Shield?




i mean that yes i use 3-pin E-Block Component Shield


so how can i do this with the eblock?

or i’ve to mod the eblock (that’s cut the cable to add the resistor)?


Lets say you use Di0 socket. Then you need to solder the resistor from Di0 pin in the header area to GND for pull-down for example.