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EasyStepper quad


FYI. The designer of EasyStepper board “Brian” said Sparkfun will carry new Quad version of his board in 2nd Qtr.


There will actually be a really nice quad board up at SparkFun, hopefully before Q2 2011 is out, that should compete quite well with the TinyG (mine will be cheaper because it will not have a processor - just the drivers) :



G-code on FEZ. should be easy to implement in C#. Does anyone have Brina contact info? Maybe we can get him convinced to try FEZ for his G-code project :smiley:


Thanks William.

This is very interesting. Back in the days (WTL, Win32) I made G-code generator from dxf.

I am actually building Mendel 3D printer. My plan is to use 4 stepper controllers (for 3 axis and extruder):

and Fez to drive everything including G-code interpretation. G-code for each part will be on SD card and nice touch LCD for ui and control.

I already have all the parts with the exception of rods and nuts and bolts.
If anybody is doing something similar, it would be nice to collaborate.

Anyways quad stepper looks very interesting.


I would love to see that :slight_smile:


@ gus. Brian created the EasyDriver and will make the quad version. It will not have a processor (like the TinyG). So it will “compete” with TinyG. Not sure how much value add will be on board above and beyond using 4 seperate drivers, but maybe fewer wires. Should be interesting. Brian’s email is bottom of his page here He would be a good one to partner with on some stuff I would think.


I am actually building Mendel 3D printer…

I’ve got a makerbot and have been waffling on getting a Mendel. The Prusa Mendel from MakerGear looks like it might be good (and MakerGear has great support) but I saw a Ultimaker at the recent Botacon and that was one sweet machine. 2-3x the cost, though…

For stepper drivers, I just soldered up the 3-axis driver from to replace my noisy 1/2 step drivers. I’ve also got the PSCC15 from driving my extruder. He’s also got a 4-axis pololu driver at which looks good but there’s sorta something to be said for abstracting the machine and keeping the position subsystem separate from the tool head subsystem. If you think you’ll want to expand the machine over time, it might be worth considering going for a 3-stepper & a 1-stepper instead of a 4-stepper. YMMV.

I’ve thought about redoing my stock electronics with FEZ’ but am still far too much of a newbie. Looking forward to hearing about your progress!!