Easy native code: please integrate cito

Cito is an open source tool that converts c# code to few languages, c is one of them. Could you please integrate cito with the rlp, so we can hopefully achieve great performance from c#?

@ andyk1 - Welcome to the forums.

The way I read the project page is that it is another language called Ć (notice the acute accent above the C) which has a translator that translates the Ć source to another language of which C and C# are one of a number of target languages. I do not see that it translates C# to C.

If I have interpreted that correctly, Integrating this in RLP would mean that we need to learn Ć to convert it to C after which the normal RLP development workflow continues, so this just adds another step to the process of getting RLP running.

is this spam?

As far as i understand this, cito is a subset of c#, maybe with some little differences. I’m currently verifying this with the author of cito.

If this is the case, it seems usefull: you write you’re code as cito code and can run it both as netmf c# or c, or you write regular c# and with some small changes, without needing to understand c, you get a good speedup.

And no, this is not spam:)