EAGLE library of GHI modules


I see all FEZ boards have EAGLE files for download, but I miss a GHI library for the EMX and (especially) for the ChipworkX module.

Something to get started easier.

PS: I mean EAGLE “placeholders” for the EMX and ChipworkX for use in custom PCBs.


For emx, copy from cobra
For chipworkx, it is standard sodimm connector found in eagle

So I have to label all those 200 pins myself :frowning:

Don’t whine. That is part of PC board layout.

I regularly have to design the footprint and the symbol(label all the pins) on parts that I use, and the pins have numbered in the 200s, for one part, a few times…

It is very nice of GHI to provide the design files for some of the boards, Chipworks being the only one that they dont, so “Thanks GHI!”

Most component manufacturers cant be bothered to give you a decent datasheet, nevermind a component for Eagle or a complete design.

Ok ok. I won’t whine.
I’ll post the Eagle file for the ChipworkX module whenever I finish it.