Eagle Libraries for G30TH, G80TH and G120TH

I just created some eagle libraries for G30TH, G80TH and G120TH.

If someone is interested on them, just let me know to send you the download links.


Are there Altium libraries as well? Anyone? :whistle:

Altium Libraries are dead easy to make. :whistle:

Use 3DContentCentral to get the QFP packages.

Nah I need the G120 models.

I have the G120 model. I’ll post it up later when I get back from this job I am heading to.

Eagle libraries, don’t know if them work on Altium

I would like eagles files for the G Series. thanks!

Altium has a way to import Eagle designs but not the libraries.

Altium is not difficult to create libraries and with the 3D capability you can add STEP files to them too.

What chew takin bout Willis

Click next after Eagle design and then import Eagle lib…

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Now you are showing your age.

Ah, I never saw that before. You learn something new every day. :slight_smile:

Well that wasn’t very good. I tried to import 2 Eagle Libraries with Altium and it crashed on both. :frowning: