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Eagle design files?


I see that most of the FEZ boards have a link to Design Files, but Im not able to find any for the Panda. Is it out there and Ive just missed it? Or will it be available later?


I’d expect them to be there once the boards are released


Yes, they will put it online once the final version is out.


I am also interested in the eagle files for the Panda. I’d like to try my hand at designing a shield for it.


Since the Panda is Arduino compatible, like it’s sister Domino, you can simply take the Domino files and remove all the components (except header pins, of course :wink: ).


No worries. The eagle files will be there soon. On Monday probably.


I think the super-duper extra pin locations is the key that most of us are holding out for - bring on Monday !! :wink:


It’s Tuesday night - are these going to be available soon?


Yes, probably tomorrow when I finally make it to the office :smiley:


FEZ Panda design files are online


Thank you!


Thank you