Eagle 5 vs Eagle 6

Eagle 6 was released recently, and I’m wondering what the landscape looks like now. There seems to be some resistance, at least in some corners: http://electronics.stackexchange.com/a/27651/3240

I tried out Eagle 6, and was, frankly, underwhelmed by the differences (didn’t seem to be a lot of obvious ones), and now all my libraries/schematics/whatever are incompatible with Eagle 5.

What’s the feeling around here? Are you working in Eagle 6 nowdays?

I’m in Eagle 6, but that’s because I only started working with it in the last few months, and that was the version that was available.

I had only 4 or 5 designs done in 5 before switching to 6. So it is not a big jump for me as well. Works fine for my needs.

Thanks for the feedback. GHI uses Eagle, I assume? Are they still on 5, or have they moved to 6?

I think all GHI eagle files on codeplex are 5.

I used Eagle 5 then switched to Eagle 6. Fortunately, I’ve been able to convert my previous Eagle 5 projects to Eagle 6, but there have been many quirks, such as polygon copper planes being offset, pins in my libraries being re-oriented, airwires that refuse to be routed unless they are deleted and added back in, etc. Nothing that isn’t fixable, but it was a pain to manually go through them and fix.

In my opinion, Eagle 6 still feels like a Beta product. If you have the luxury of staying with Eagle 5 until Eagle 6 matures a bit more, I’d recommend it, especially since the gains in Eagle 6 are minimal. For example, in Eagle 6 my entire library of custom parts became corrupted, because somehow all the symbols somehow got renamed to “PNP” in the XML file, and I could no longer open the library in Eagle. Fortunately, I reverted to one of the auto-generated backups which was made before all my library symbols got magically renamed to the same name. Certain settings in the CAM Processor also cause Eagle 6 to crash a lot, even though Eagle 5 had no problems with them.

Fellow Aussie Dave Jones from EEVBlog.com recently did a couple of hours of videos about his first foray into KiCAD, which is apparently gaining more support of late (perhaps Eagle 6 underwhelmed the majority of users?) Dave was formerly an employee of Altium, so he has a lot of experience with other products, and suspect his thoughts will be (typical Dave) very forthright.