E-block serial2USB

Thanks, Mike, for the example. While I am in the C# IDE I click on Help, which opens a window, where I type in what I need to find. I tried UART, and did not get anything that I could use to help me out. I also tried UART.Read(), which showed me how to open up a file, but I wanted more info about how Read() works with UART, and what else I can do with UART. Normally when I search for some thing like Console.Write(), there is a bunch of examples, and a good explanation as to what is going on. There has to be a better source for that kind of information, or a better way of searching for it.

@ r_sad,

I’ve found that it is best to keep a “link” open to the MSDN Micro Framework Help files at:


However, sometimes this documentation is not complete or accurate, and it does not have many examples, so I also use Google to search the full .Net Framework help files for classes that are common to both frameworks.