E_Block IR receiver

I am trying to set up a program for reading codes sent from a SONY remote control. I am looking at 38Khz-infrared-receiver_example.cs as a starting point. First problem I ran into is FEZ_Components.EasyRemote myRemote = new FEZ_Components.EasyRemote(FEZ_Pin.Interrupt.An1); On my Panda II FEZ Connect, I do not have an An1, but I can change that to An2. But, where do I find the FEZ_Components Stuff? And what are the “Button” A, B, C, and D? I am not sure what this example program is going to be doing.

Yes, you can use An2. FEZ_Components is just the namespace. The sample program is written to use a simple 4 button remote, not a sony multi device remote. Give me some time to dig around in my code after work today - I wrote an app to control some stuff using the sony protocol last year. I wasn’t using the IR eBlock but the receivers are all roughly the same.

[edit] you’re in luck, I have the code with me on my laptop. Stand by for an upload to the code site. Looks like I was not the original author… found the Sony remote driver on the web somewhere…

Thanks, ransomall. What I will be doing is simulating a robot, meaning, I am going to purchase a couple of servo motors from Parallax, plus the wheels, and maybe an encoder. Not sure how I would read the encoder from the shield though. With my SONY remote I will want to start and stop the servos have, an LED turn on when the servos are running and that sort of thing. Then eventually I might put together a frame to hold the servos, and have it roll around on the floor. My Panda II has been collecting dust for to long.

The sweet part about this driver is, everybody has a remote that uses the Sony protocol lying around. There are more buttons than you could possibly map to functions on a Panda 8)

[edit] have at it. http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/23/6276

Not sure if this is whining, I get a red squiggly line under Remote, and Sony. Do you recall what reference those are in, I thought I tried the usual suspects?


Update your namespaces! Those are the classes you should have just pasted.