Dubugging USB client applications

I am using the USB client feature on my FEZ Panada II. It is a bit of a nuisance to debug and was wondering if I am doing something wrong.

When I start debbugiing it hangs until I hit the reset button. I can kind of see why but I would have thought VS could perform the reboot itself.

The real nuisance is it then seems to hang after the call to

cdc = USBClientController.StandardDevices.StartCDC_WithDebugging();

When this is called you can hear the USB device drop out and the CDC virtual com port will then show up in the device manager. But the program will not continue to run. I have to double click in the IDE to create a break point. It does not matter where. It seems the simple fact of creating a new breakpoint triggers something and the program resumes and operates properly.

Is there any way around this?

And that is one of the reasons why this feature is being dropped no longer supported. The feature works but debuggability and user-friendliness is not ideal.

We highly recommend using serial port for debugging if you need to use USB client for other purposes, which will be required with next SDK release.

That is too bad its being dropped. It was a convenient feature not having to wire up an additional serial port…

I have not had any luck using the serial port for debugging. When I set Deployment transport to serial and then try and run the program it just sticks at the “Preparing to deploy Assemblies to the device” stage.

WOW, GUS this is a really bad news, I’am using this a lot and I choose EMX module and GHI products because it has 4 COM port and a virtual com port and debugging abilities on USB. 6 Months of development and hearing that, is really a pain because this may results in a new design…

@ leforban - You could always stick to the firmware that supports this feature and works for your project

This is not THE solution, being locked to a firmware means also being limited in the future functionnalities that can be added by GHI. I know that sometime functionnalities are subject to modification but it’s not normal to learn such kind of important lost of functionnalities on the forum. I think that if GHI already plans to no longer support cdc with debuging, GHI has to write a note in the library class to inform their customer to not rely on this functionnality.

This was never changed in 4.1. We are now moving to 4.2 and many things will change. I think this is normal with any library or operating system. GHI is not even required to support 4.2 but of course we want to always try our best get everyone the latest and greatest at NO cost whatsoever.

This feature is still available in 4.1 and please continue using it if needed.

If you must have this in 4.2 and you have a serious application with decent volume in mind, contact GHI and ask fro it. Or even purchase a custom firmware. There are always options.

I know that you are obliged to maintain nothing. But to be honest, I think that GHI could put a note in the cdc library class that says that this functionnality is subject to not being maintained in future releases of the SDK.

We have a serious application, the product is not a toy, for now the main problem is volume as we are still in development phase… but anyway, I don’t think we will be abble to sell more than an hundred items per year… this is far from what people consider as decent volume.

I just say that this is an important announcement and that people who are at this time in design phase should know what are your plans in terms of functionnalities that will be maintain or not.

@ leforban - it sounds like you may want to join the “GHI Insiders” program once it’s finalized so you can get earlier notification of GHI’s plans.


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Honestly (remember a pirate is never honest :slight_smile: ), I am a little bit lost with the system that GHI plans to set up for ranks, insiders and so on. I did not have time to read the last news about this subject, I am on the forum for job purpose to solve the issues found and have not so much time to design or code at home, may be to many hobbies (sailing boat, music, parties and friends :-))

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