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Driving Multiple USbzi's from 1 xtal


Is it possible to have 4 or more Usbizs sharing 1 crystal on 1 board or do I need to use 1 crystal per chip? I would like to be able to get the chips to all be working from the same clock.

If not then is there a way to “Daisy Chain” them so that they all work from the same clock?


You can use a clock oscillator as the clock source for the first USBizi and then connect the clock out to the clock in of the second USBizi and so on.

Check the specs of the LPC2xxx chip and the clock oscillator you choose for limitations.

Google ECS-2100X series for a DIP clock oscillator.


So daisy chain is possible. Thanks.


Building a quad core? :stuck_out_tongue:


@ Robert, Nah; a 10x10x10 led cube.


Reminded me of this project


@ Arch, That’s cool. Must have taken him a while to build that.


Could I use this device in place of the XTAL?