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Hi Guys

this semester i will teach students using mbedded systems and i will introduce them
- TinyCLR OS Magic - with Nucleo STM32F411RET6

So I need a little help from there to be used for lessons

ready/done class.drivers for (TinyCLR Os) even non finished just need to work as is with minimal tweaks with example for

  • ENC26J80 - Server / Client

  • ESP8266 - Server / Client

  • MQTT Class - with MQTT Server

  • WebService Class and Example with ASP.NET WebServices

  • OLED Display SSD1306 128x64 with 4 Wire (VCC , GND , SCL , SDA)

  • DHT11 Sensors Humidity / Temp

  • HC-SR04 Ultrasonic

  • MQ135 Sensor

all above we have used from mbed.h but i want to push TinyCLROS for use instead mbed
all help for those drivers are welcomed to be able to have minimal starting environment for students .


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You need a FEZ for your lessons :scream:


we can use .NET Microframework 4.3.x with those drivers (i have it) but no

i want to use TinyCLR OS since i tested it and it was enough stable for learning a
by “there’s enough material for learning”

DHT11 driver i have from netduino "tested with nucleo stm32f411 with justin firmware it was ok"
HC-SR04 worked well from KodiFilemon blog
MQ135 work with default reading analog “value” and we can use as is too
mIP work well with old .NET Micro too
Oled Driver from code share work well .NET Micro too.
(also realtime clock DS1302 driver i needed i forgot to provide on list)
but all those i want to turn it into TinyCLR OS and to make an like code share in git hub but to be controlled by someone who will update/maintain those drivers

  • we already using Arduino (Arduino IDE),Nucleo with mbed on web compiler
  • so now i want to put also and TinyCLR “above drivers are enough to start”

We all need one (or brainpad) but no distributor yet :sob:
But I hope soon !


Me too. :slight_smile:

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