Driverless HID Usb Device?

I was wondering if anyone has had any luck making a cobra / EMX connect to a windows PC and detected as a generic HID device? I would like my cobra to connect as a generic HID device so no drivers are needed, and I can then find the device based on vendor etc and communicate with it. I dont want to use the supplied Keyboard / Mouse / Mass Storage (as i dont want it detected as those)

Basically I need to have a windows app detect the connected cobra and communicate with it over a stream ideally, I don’t want to bother with custom drivers etc. Currently I’m using CDC Serial connection, and polling each serial port to try and get a meaningful response to confirm that it is my device and then setting up the stream. This is not very elegant or user friendly though…

This came up twice in last 2 weeks. Let is know if you can’t find the threads.

Hi, Ross,

I have posted some code in this thread:

It shows you how to use HID descriptors. The code there is not cleaned up. But I have some clean code ready to be posted to
And I will post it there as soon as the ‘Create’ button is enabled again :slight_smile:

Thanks for that

@ Gus - I tried searching the forum for HID and trauled though a lot of USB related posts before asking the question. No search results for HID (still isn’t…)

Is there another thread other than the one Wouter submitted? - Thanks Wouter - looks like a great starting point!!! Wonder when the Create will be enabled again?