Driver - Serial LCD abstraction layer for HD44780 displays

[title]Serial LCD abstraction layer for HD44780 displays[/title]
Abstraction layer for connecting to a serial LCD display (with HD44780 controller) to display texts, numbers, etc.

Works with the Gadgeteer Extender Module, but should also work with any other FEZ board using digital out pins.

How to use:

  • Copy all the files from the attached ZIP into your project
  • Depending on your project type delete the […]Writable classes that don’t compile due to wrong references:
    • CpuPinWritable is multi-purpose and should alwasy compile
    • ExtenderModuleLCDConnection and GadgeteerDigitalOutputWritable only work with Gadgeteer projects
    • FEZDigitalPinWritable requires a reference to FEZ Panda II, FEZ Panda or any other assembly that provides GHIElectronics.NETMF.FEZ.FEZ_Pin.Digital

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